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Transfirmation Partners are leadership and organisational transformation experts headquartered in Sydney, Australia

Meaningful & Sustainable Change:

Transfirmation Partners core business is Transformation.

We have learned there are important differences between those who succeed with transformations and those who do not.

Our approach to transformations is based on the principles of Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose and Relatedness because we strongly believe that this approach is capable of creating long-term value for individuals, teams, organisations, shareholders and communities.

Because without meaning and long-term value for all stakeholders there will always be something missing.

Latest News:

Steve Johnson to Speak On Panel at Newcastle Premiere of Broke Movie 

Broke tells the fictional story of former North Sydney rugby league star Ben Kelly, whose life spirals out of control in retirement at the hands of alcohol and a gambling addiction. Broke stars Steve Le Marquand, Claire Van Der Boom, Steve Bastoni and Brendan Cowell.

The screening organised by Screen Hunter will be held at the Tower Cinemas on  21 August will feature the Heath Davis, director of Broke, Steve Johnson, Psychologist and Transfirmation Partners Managing Director , Clint Newton from the RLPA (Rugby League Players Association), Robbie Rochow, Jake Mamo and Mickey Paea (Knights players).

Tickets for the event are available at:

Watch the Broke movie trailer here

NRL Partnership Delivers World Leading Wellbeing Strategy For Players

NRLOver the past 18 months Transfirmation Partners has been working in partnership with the NRL (National Rugby League) to develop it’s long-term Player Wellbeing Strategy. 

We are excited to announce that commencing in 2017 the NRL will implement a holistic, proactive approach for every NRL player in 2017.  This is a breakthrough in world of elite/professional sport.

The NRL Player Wellbeing & Education Unit and the Rugby League Players Association  are to be applauded for their visionary approach and their genuine and passionate commitment to Player Wellbeing that has been evident in their actions not simply their words.

We are proud to be working with the NRL on this important journey because of its  long-term impact on players their families, coaching staff, officials and the community.

Leadership Programs:

Transfirmation Leadership  Creating Leadership Value

thumbnailTransfirmation Leadership is a practical leadership program that combines the tools of strategy, execution, creating a sense of purpose, engagement, trust and accountability within an organisational system. Acquiring this combination of skills helps leaders focus on value-adding activities with an inclusive approach to people. We believe this is the ideal formula for achieving results in a way that resonates with people. WHEN: 19, 20 August & 15/16 September 2017. WHERE: Sydney

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 LeaderShift – The Art of Managing Oneself

Leadershift imageLeaderShift is a transformational leadership program that is grounded in the leader as a person, not simply the role or the organisation. The core of the program is awareness (self & other) and communication to empower values, purpose, strengths and style. This approach helps leaders focus their internal resources to leverage their unique attributes and create more positive relationships. WHEN: 17,18 September + 18,19 November 2017. WHERE:   SYDNEY

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Latest Blog:

Why We Need A New Approach To Wellbeing In Australia

The simple but uncomfortable truth is that when it comes to Wellbeing, Australia is masterful at pretending problems don’t exist until we have a fully blown crisis. Australia has a long history of ignoring what is right in front of us. Think Obesity, Domestic Violence,…