Real competitive advantage comes through the alignment of strategy, organisational design and people


Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to sharing with you more about our purpose, our aspirations and our approach.
We hope that you can see from our website that our purpose is to help businesses make a sustainable contribution to society; not simply to serve one or two key stakeholders.
At Transfirmation Partners we help organisations create a fit for purpose blueprint that integrates and aligns strategy, organisational design, leadership and culture. 

While such an approach isn’t always the easiest path, it is the path that makes sense to people who are connected to the organisation and it encourages them to move toward their potential.
As well as being a value-creating approach, it is also an approach that is grounded by evidence and creates a positive legacy for future generations.
We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Our Approach.

  • Customised
  • Commercial
  • Evidence-based
  • Sustainable
  • Expeditious