Effective leadership begins with the moral clarity to ensure effective governance practice between the board and the Executive team and other key stakeholders.

Assuming effective governance practice are in place, it then falls to the CEO to establish a system of leadership that enables the organisation to deliver on its strategy while creating an environment that inspires all staff and key stakeholders to be intrinsically motivated.

an organisational system

With our combined 50 years of experience in leadership work, we have learned that there are some defining principles of organisations who have effective leadership systems;

leadership development

Unfortunately, the vast of leadership development efforts fail to add value to their organisatations.

Not only are most development initiatives a complete waste of time and money in themselves but they actually distract leaders from  doing value-adding work.

Failure to extract value from leadership development efforts happens for a variety of reasons but primarily because of a lack of clear goals and value-adding measurement, insufficient consideration of the competitive landscape and translation to the organisational context.

Our approach to leadership development is based on the latest empirical research and our own proven methodologies to address these highlighted issues.

Clear Goals

Team Engagement

Competitive Translation

Connected Relationships

Context Ready

value-adding measurement